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Dec 10, 2013 5:00am PST
a rainy soccer stadium in south africa to remember nelson mandela. president obama described the former antiapartheid leader as the last great liberator of the 20 the century and thinks of how to apply his less sons to himself as a man and as president. >> breaking overnight, stormy weather in washington, dc, has forced the ntsb to postpone the hearing on the asiana flight 214 at sfo. this the second time the hearing has been postponed. in october it was delayed by the government's financial shut down. now it is a weather shut down. >> thousands in california could fine themselves with no health insurance because of a backlog at the exchange. the governor of california has until december 23rd to process 25,000 applications. a spokesman says that even with the extra staff, they may not get them done in time. >> just tip bobby better is is - justin bieber is in the philippines to help victims of the typhoon haiyan and urges fans to donate money with a goal of raising $1 million for relief efforts. a contest gifts donor as chance to hang out while he works on the next am bull. storm
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am PST
from president obama. >> we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. it falls to us as best we can to follow the example he set. >> memorial grew outside the embassy in washington with ten official days of mourning. people are sharing their memories of nelson mandela on our facebook payment -- page. >> now if san rafael the red cross is helping six people displaced by a house fire find shell december that break out on a home before 3:00 this morning. a dog and two turtles inside the home were okays as well, this morning. >> the police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man found lying on the street. police have identified the victim and released this photo of him. according to investigators, officers found rodriguez suffering from a wound if vallejo yesterday. he died at the hospital. police are asking anyone with information about the shooting or the gunnen ma, to give them a call. >> a vigil is held in vallejo for 26-year-old man shot to death last friday at an apartment complex. he was found dead after police got reports of gunshots on carolina str
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
, with president obama and the first lady just boarding on the way to south africa to pay tribute this week to nelson mandela with other world leaders >> gas prices have got up three cents a gallon according to the new survey putting the national average for a gallon of regular at $3.29, nearly ten cents less than a yearing a at this time. california above average price rose four cents to $3.5 a gallon and the cheapest gas in the lower 48 is in tulsa, oklahoma, where drivers pay $2.84 a gallon and the most expensive gas is not in the bay area but in los angeles, $3.61. >> butterflies are the latest political target in san francisco, the commission on the environment approved a resolution urging the toy been releasing but the for flies at weddings saying they are animals to be respected and should not be used add decorations. mop arcs are the most sought after for ceremonies. supporters are concerned the butterflies could damage native species. >> a start-up is looking to invent the incredible edible egg without the "egg." the san francisco start-up backed by bill gates is scouring the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3